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Surface preparation before the mold texturing

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Surface treatment before mold texturing mold texturing requirements Explanation a quote, we mentioned that as long as the mold industry-related jobs, the mold should etch a certain degree of awareness. Why? Because mold texturing there is a certain environmental requirements of, say, a very simple common practice it is usually smooth surface of the product requires it, even if a small draft angle, injection molding ejection to a certain extent can be controlled, and the product surface texturing requirements, you must have when releasing dangerous products off the flowers. this is, in the initial stages of product design must take into account the structural design must ensure that there is enough air stripping slope surface before the concrete mold texturing processing requirements are as follows:


A. vertical wall


Draft angle requires us to the most frequently asked question is:. "How much do I need the draft angle?" General experience every .001 "deep groove takes 1 degree draft angle, thin-walled molded parts design and high-pressure molding need to increase the draft angle important: the vertical wall is an inner wall or the inner wall of the outer wall if it is molded in the molding member adhered on the walls will shrink, thus the need for greater draft angle? to complete the pattern shape or shallow groove-shaped recess: in table embossing process, a portion of the metal is removed from the mold sometimes vertical wall pattern shaped area has an enclosed area, or if you need to land at the parting line position to stay long on the land-shaped area at this time would not add due to remove a portion of the metal pattern engraved when the formation of "recess" or anti-draft angle causing scratches, pull marks, molded parts sticking or more serious problems such as: mold the lock metal removal and forming depth must be noted that the important thing is: any depth of groove-shaped molding is not necessarily equal to the amount of metal to be removed on the vehicle profile is particularly true in a lot of metal removal amount of grain shape and depth of groove shape. very different. in order to achieve the appearance of a standard car, a lot of lines to be repeated etching shape molded parts in line with the master each time etching will remove the metal, or even region to adapt to shallow draft also requires a lot of metal to be removed on the molded parts. pair after recess potential also need to consider this factor, embossing on the table for manual removal of regions of the metal pattern when the moment when the repair enable regional integration should also pay attention to this point.


B. separating line treatment / separation line protection


Different types of components require different separation line approach. We can provide timely etching separation line for you, or for your separation lines leave a 0.005 "-0.750" margins.


C. Table embossing after plating / embossing plating table


Many mold design and processing is completed, even after the surface texturing plating treatment after completion table embossing, many patterns can be plated without affecting its integrity and function. Fast hard chrome plating or nickel plating thickness is generally .0003 "to .0005", it does not make shallow patterns or significant changes in appearance.


D. etch process prior to plating / coating precision mold surface


If desired pattern engraved on the surface of the mold, nickel plated, hard chromium, Teflon or other molds can be improved abrasion resistance and / or corrosion resistant surface coating, this coating must be completely removed to ensure that the mold etch processing treatment effect.


E. significant part


You can work on a blueprint or a polyester film accurate, bin labels, guide how we need to etch, to ensure that drawing shows a cross section of different regions. Doing so may cause a problem how to deal with is not shown on the graph area (but speculation is dangerous)


F. Gloss


Gloss components is an important factor in the quality of product appearance or sensory design requirements. Gloss also affect the whole etching perception, especially refined matt etched on the protective layer. If the glossy dark parts, the etching will look pale, if the part is very shiny, texturing will look deeper than the actual depth; there are many factors that affect the gloss sheen mold,

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